Desinoweb is Professional Advertising Company Which Belongs To Industrial Corporation & Infotech Group (ICIG). We Offer A Wide Range Of Services To Reach Your Target Audience And Share Your Valuable Information Focusing On Retaining Your Customer/Client. Our Services Includes All Type Of Internet & Outdoor Advertising Job .

Desinoweb will help you to advertise your business and maintain the high standards of business under one roof. We are into advertising field since 9 years. Our client can get efficient services in proper economic price. So when you think of beginning or exploring your business 'Desinoweb' is the right place to approach. As we say world has become a Global Village we must use technology to reach the requirements of this global village through technology, so we have a special IT department which works in the field of electronic advertisement. This department will help you to advertise the product/services throughout the world .It also will help us to communicate faster , save time, money & energy .

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