Our History

Desinoweb OPC Private Limited. is Professional Advertising & Consulting Company Which Belongs To Industrial Corporation & Infotech Group (ICIG) based in India. We Offer A Wide Range Of Services To Reach Your Target Audience And Share Your Valuable Information Focusing On Retaining Your Customer/Client. Our Services Includes

Desinoweb OPC Private Limited.
will help you to register your company, advertise your business and maintain the high standards of business under one roof. We are into this field since 26 years. Our client can get efficient services in proper economic price. So when you think of beginning or exploring your business 'Desinoweb OPC PVT LTD.' is the right place to approach. As we say world has become a Global Village we must use technology to reach the requirements of this global village through technology, so we have a special IT department which works in the field of electronic advertisement ( Website designing , all Internet advertising & National / International television advertisements ).
This department will help you to advertise the product/services throughout the world .It also will help us to communicate faster , save time, money & energy .

Why only Us ?

Desinoweb OPC PVT LTD. will help you to advertise your business and maintain the high standards of business under one roof.
We are a young and dynamic company, providing a highly professional level of service. Our team consists of experienced professionals using the most advanced design and development tools. The company has been very choosy in selecting staff and associates and has over the period developed a strong network of IT professionals.
Having a passion for "Excellence in Execution," experienced professionals and a sincere desire to service your specific needs, allows us to accomplish our objectives.Desinoweb OPC PVT LTD. has been surviving on performance.
Our dedicated Professionals work round the clock, to satisfy customer needs. Desinoweb OPC pvt ltd. is proud to say has been associated with Growth and would like to keep it that way. Our internal culture fosters mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and our people. We take responsibility for our performance in every decision and action we take. Our expertise offers an ability to understand and drive the impact of customer satisfaction and loyalty on the bottom line. We are growth oriented, risk inclined, decentralized in decision making, biased towards action, performance driven, inspirational and strive to identify things which, when made better, improve people's lives.

Quality Policy

Introducing Quality Into Every Aspect of the Company Ranging from Processes, People, Solutions and Services – to Creating an All- Encompassing Quality Culture. Developing Collective Willingness Towards the Discipline of Doing Things Right the First Time, by Using Lowest Possible Resources and Driving Highest Quality Standards to the Customer. Strong Quality Consciousness and Quest for Continuous Improvement to be a Powerful Undercurrent in ICIG’s Culture and Way-of-Life. We ensure that every project that is undertaken by us undergoes stringent quality tests and it is only then they are uploaded and launched.